Grand to Grand Ultra

Bib # Last name First name Gender Age Country Charity Category
100 Antunez Vincent Male 64 USA   Self Supported
402 Asperski Michal Male 46 POL   Supported
101 Battista Bart Male 52 USA Best Friends Animal Society Self Supported
801 Becard Dominique Female 65 FRA   Supported
600 Blaiberg Avi Male 63 ISR   Self Supported
102 Brueggemann Brad Male 37 USA   Self Supported
226 Byrne Christopher Male 54 GBR   Self Supported
227 Byrne Stephen Male 62 GBR   Self Supported
103 Curtin Kyle Male 37 USA   Self Supported
526 Cush Kate Female 53 AUS   Self Supported
802 Davies Nicola Female 41 GBR   Supported
300 De Longvilliers Bertrand Male 67 FRA Self Supported
104 Espinoza Michael Male 43 USA Kane County Youth Coalition  Self Supported
803 Fau Laure Female 52 FRA   Supported
804 Frankish Kim Female 68 GBR   Supported
105 Garmire Jeffrey Male 33 USA   Self Supported
805 Gillespie Maureen Female 40 USA Best Friends Animal Society Supported
426 Goldring Hannah Female 54 SWE   Self Supported
106 Graham Matt Male 52 USA   Self Supported
806 Grivaud Regis Male 52 FRA   Supported
301 Heurtault Philippe Male 58 FRA   Self Supported
107 Hogg Matthew Male 61 USA   Self Supported
807 Jhaj Sukhwant Male 57 USA Ensaaf Supported
808 Johnson Victoria Female 52 USA Best Friends Animal Society Supported
809 Kirchmayr Wolfgang Male 59 SUI   Supported
200 Kovalevskii Andrei Male 53 CAN   Self Supported
108 Lavender Smith Sarah Female 55 USA Conservation Lands Foundation Self Supported
810 Loew Andrea Female 51 GER   Supported
302 Mansiot Aurelie Female 40 FRA   Self Supported
811 Martinek Ann Marie Female 61 USA   Supported
109 McBryde Thomas Male 45 USA   Self Supported
228 Morgan Farren Male 38 GBR   Self Supported
812 Morisson Ingrid Female 52 EST   Supported
303 Noblat Alix Female 33 FRA   Self Supported
229 O'Riordan-Tingley Benjamin Ace Male 29 GBR Best Friends Animal Society Self Supported
230 Parker Rachel Female 49 GBR   Self Supported
231 Platonova Natalya Female 34 GBR   Self Supported
111 Powell Lucia Female 47 USA   Self Supported
112 Powell Steve Male 65 USA   Self Supported
527 Raumati Inia Male 49 NZL Kia Mau, Kia Ora Self Supported
400 Rehacek Jakub Male 60 CZE   Self Supported
304 Remaud Frederique Female 58 FRA   Self Supported
201 Richardson Leanne Female 55 CAN   Self Supported
305 Robert Merile Male 52 FRA   Self Supported
113 Rogalski Eddy Male 48 USA   Self Supported
813 Romanzi Emmanuelle Female 46 FRA   Supported
814 Rongione Deyrat Severine Female 41 FRA   Supported
401 Roskovics Nyikolaj Male 54 HUN   Self Supported
232 Ross Samuel Anthony Male 38 GBR Great Ormond Street   Self Supported
114 Saldana Landon Male 34 USA Kane County Youth Coalition Self Supported
815 Sampaio Mario Male 66 BRA Stop Hunger Supported
202 Schaab Troy Male 50 CAN   Self Supported
816 Sheftel Ryan Male 51 USA   Supported
817 Smith Craig Male 60 USA   Supported
818 Stupegia Silvia Female 58 MEX   Supported
528 Taylor Mike Male 50 NZL   Self Supported
115 Voigt Joshua Male 31 USA Best Friends Animal Society Self Supported
116 Voigt Noel Female 30 USA Best Friends Animal Society Self Supported
819 Wakefield J.B. Male 60 USA   Supported
117 White Julie Female 57 USA   Self Supported
118 Williams Chap Male 53 USA   Self Supported
119 Wulfenstein James Male 32 USA   Self Supported

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