Grand to Grand Ultra

The Grand to Grand Ultra (the "Event") is organized by G2G International Limited (the "Organizer"). 

The Event is 6-Stage, 7 day, self-supported foot race held in the USA and covers a distance of approx 171 miles (approx 275 km). The race is open to runners and walkers. Participants should carry their own backpack containing food, sleeping bag, mat and other mandatory equipment specified by the Organizer.

A supported category (Individual and Team) has been added in 2023.

All participants understand that the Event will take place in remote areas, where facilities are limited and comforts to which they might be accustomed will not be available. You are expected to possess basic outdoor survival skills such as familiarity with outdoor gear and backpacking. You are not required to possess any technical navigational or climbing skills to take part in the Event.
Participants must be 21 years of age or older by the Event start date. Special permission may be requested if you are under 21 years old but any such participant will require the written permission of a parent and/or guardian. Participants must hold a medical certificate issued by a general practitioner stating that you are fit to participate in the Event.
G2G International Limited reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to refuse to allow you to enter into or participate in the Event, or to withdraw or cancel your offer of a place in the Event. G2G International Limited is under no obligation to provide you with any reason whatsoever for such refusal or withdrawal.
You acknowledge and agree that competing in the Event will be physically demanding, that you are aware of the nature of the Event and that there are medical and physical risks associated with the Event. You are solely responsible for your own training and preparation for the Event. By applying to compete in the Event, you warrant that you are physically capable of competing in the Event and agree that G2G International Limited, its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, sponsors, suppliers, contractors and/or medical advisers are not responsible or liable in the Event of your death, or for any injury or illness that you may suffer as a result of or in connection with your competing in the Event.
You acknowledge and agree that endurance racing of the kind contemplated by the Event entails a real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including equipment failure, dehydration, fatigue, collisions or incidents involving other participants, spectators, other road users and/or vehicles, aspects of the course or bad weather conditions and other causes.
You agree to inform G2G International Limited on your application of any preexisting illness from which you suffer that may affect your performance during the Event or for which medical treatment may be needed. In addition, you agree to inform G2G International Limited, both on application and thereafter, as the need arises, of all medications that you are currently taking or will be taking while you are participating in the Event.
You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to carry your personal medications with you throughout the Event. G2G International Limited's medical support staff will not be able to, nor will it be liable for failing to, supply personal medication during the Event should a participant fail to carry his or her own.
G2G International Limited will provide professional medical support to participants throughout the duration of the Event. You give permission to medical support staff to make decisions concerning medical care and treatment, and where necessary to authorize such care and treatment in emergency situations. You understand that Event staff will make every reasonable effort, in the circumstances, to reach your emergency contact (if you have supplied one to us prior to the Event) regarding your medical status in the event an emergency arises.
You acknowledge that the Event operate in very remote areas and that transportation to the nearest hospital may take several hours or longer. You further acknowledge that the course may pass through terrain such as sand dunes and canyons where emergency evacuation may be seriously delayed.
G2G International Limited reserves the right, with or without consultation of a doctor, to stop and use such force as is necessary to restrain you from starting or continuing in the Event.
By agreeing to these Rules and Regulations and applying to compete in the Event, you affirm that you have the understanding and mental capacity to communicate health care directives for yourself.

To register, please fill in the Registration Form in full. You will receive an email in due course advising you whether your application has been successful.
The Liability Waiver and Release Form should be read by you in conjunction with the application and completed and signed in due course before the event.
Please refer to Entry Details for the amounts due. 

A soft copy of the Medical Certificate signed by a medical practitioner, should be submitted to the Organizer no later than one month before the race starts and no earlier than two months before the race starts.
The original Medical Certificate should be submitted to the medical team at Race Check-in.
The actual medical certificate to be used will be sent to all participants in due course.

Participants wishing to withdraw and cancel their application will be subject to the terms and conditions for cancellation. All participants will receive a refund of the total fees paid to date, less US$500 if a cancellation notice has been received by G2G International Limited at least 120 days before the race starts. No fees will be refunded if any cancellation notice is received less than 120 days before the race starts.
All entry fees are non-transferrable and may not be deferred to any future Events.
The only exception to this will be for a participant who suffers a valid injury more than 60 days before the race start, in which case, any such claim must be supported by a doctor’s letter explaining why the runner cannot participate. Such a deferral will only be allowed on a one-time basis, for the following year only and will incur a deferral fee of US$200. No other reasons will be accepted for deferral.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or modify the Event. Further, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time before the official start or cancel the Event after it has started. In such circumstances, the Organizer will not be liable to refund the entry fee.

The Organizer further represents that they will use their best endeavours to either:
1 Change the dates of the Event or
2 Continue to hold the Event but in a modified form

If we modify, cancel or otherwise change the Event, the Organizer will have no obligation to reimburse the participant the entry fee for the Event.

Moreover, the Organizer will not have any liability to the participant for the rescheduling or cancellation of any Event nor have any responsibility for any of the participant’s costs which includes, but is not limited to, flights, hotels, insurance, visa and other related expenses.

We reserve the right to make alterations to the Event from that described in this website and / or any materials provided to participants.
If we change the dates of the Event, we will have no obligation to reimburse participants the entry fee for the Event, provided that we reschedule the Event to commence on another date within 18 months from the date on which the Event were originally scheduled to commence, and provided that we give participants reasonable notice of the new dates for the Event (which will in any case not be less than 3 months).
We are not responsible for any other costs relating to altering the Event or cancellation. This includes, but is not limited to, flights, hotels, insurance, visa etc. 

G2G International Limited will not be liable to you for:
(a) any loss of or damage to your equipment or personal effects;
(b) any indirect or consequential loss; or
(c) any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you arising out of or in connection with competing in the Event (including, without limitation, travelling to the USA)
Except as otherwise provided by any applicable laws, G2G International Limited's maximum liability to you for any claim in contract, tort, or in any other cause of action arising out of or in connection with the Event will not exceed the entry fee for the Event.

You are solely responsible for obtaining and complying with all specific passport, visa and immigration requirements associated with travelling to and entering the USA and competing in the Event. You should check and confirm the relevant passport, visa and immigration requirements with your closest US consulate/embassy prior to completing the application form. G2G International Limited does not accept any responsibility for, and will under no circumstances be liable (including, without limitation, for providing a refund of the entry fee for the Event) if you cannot travel to the USA for any reason, including without limitation your failure to obtain a visa, or if you are otherwise unable compete in the Events because of your non compliance with any passport, visa or other immigration requirements.

For both self-supported and supported categories, participants may enter either as an Individual or a Team.  In the event that any participant enters in the Team category, then each member of the team is automatically entered into the Individual Category.  There is no additional charge or fee for entering the Team Category.

The following self-supported Individual Categories will be used for placing participants and awarding trophies:

Overall - First, Second, Third places
Ages: Under 30; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-79
Overall - First, Second, Third places
Ages: Under 30; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-79
Ages of classification will be determined by reference to the participant's age on the first day of the race.

Note: Winners of any of the Overall prizes do not qualify for Age prizes.  

The following supported Individual Categories will be used for placing participants and awarding trophies :

Overall - First, Second, Third places
Overall - First, Second, Third places

See the next section for more detailed information relating to the Team Category.
Overall leaders will be given special bibs before the start of each stage signifying the overall cumulative leaders.

In addition to the rules for individuals, self-supported and supported teams are also subject to these additional rules.
Each team will comprise of either 2 or 3 participants. Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each team category.  The composition of the team may be male and/or female.
Each team member will wear distinguishing marks or clothing identifying that they are members of the same team with their team name clearly marked.
All team members shall depart the start line of each stage at the same time, shall check in at each checkpoint at the same time, and shall cross the finish line of each stage at the same time. In the event that any of the teams, for any reason, do not fulfill this rule, then the team will be disqualified from the Team Competition. However the team members may continue in the Event but only as individuals.
There shall be no sharing of food or supplies between team members.
No muling is allowed. Team members are not allowed to have other team members carry their food or equipment.  
In the event that a team member receives a time penalty, then that time penalty will be added to the total time of the team.

All participants take part in the full knowledge of the risks that may be incurred in this kind of event. Since participants participate of their own free will, G2G International Limited is not responsible for any incident or accident.
We strongly recommend that you take out and maintain your own personal travel insurance, which covers you for the duration of your time in the USA for death, accident and trip cancellation. This should cover you fully against the costs of hospitalisation, medical care and repatriation if you become too ill to continue the Event and must cover you against the cost of air or other forms of evacuation from the course and/or repatriation should sickness or injury necessitate such a course of action.
G2G International Limited has no control over, and accepts no responsibility for, the availability or standard of medical and/or repatriation services and facilities in the area in which the Event take place, and such services and facilities do not form any part of the contract between you and G2G International Limited.
You are solely responsible for your own equipment and belongings during the Event and bear the sole responsibility for incidental or accidental damage (including wear and tear) to, or loss of, your own equipment and belongings. We recommend that you take out adequate insurance to cover your equipment and belongings.


Race Bibs

The Organizer will provide each participant with two race bibs - one for the chest and one for the backpack.
These race bibs must be worn by the participants throughout the race and positioned according to the Organizer's direction, failing which penalties will be issued. The race stewards will carry out checks before the start of each stage and may carry out further checks at any time. It is forbidden to cover the Organizer's race bibs. Each participant must ensure his/her race bib is clear, entirely visible, in good condition and in the proper place. The Organizer will make race bibs available in the event of loss or damage, however a penalty will be imposed in the event of loss.

Please note that the need to have race bibs clear and visible is for safety and photography reasons. All competitors need to be identifiable at all times by race officials and photographers need to see the race bibs for sorting purposes.

Sleeve Patches

Four (4) Race Patches will be provided to participants in their goodie bags upon arrival.
Participants will be required to wear at least short sleeves to enable them to wear the following sleeve patches on their race shirt each day:
- Right sleeve: Race Patch. Size is 2.2" H x 3.4" W (5.6cm x 8.7cm)
- Left sleeve: Participant's country flag patch (rectangular, size approx. 2.2" H x 3.4" W (5.6cm x 8.7cm))

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own country flag patch.

Participants may also attach any spare Race Patches to their outerwear, jacket and backpack.

Patches must be either sewn on or stuck with strong adhesive – safety pins will not be accepted.

Participants are permitted to have their country patches and race logos printed/silk screened on their clothing.

No other race patch may be worn on the sleeve. You will be asked to remove any such other race patch by stewards.

In addition to official race numbers, participants may use other available clothing space for individual sponsors e.g. T-shirts (apart from the chest area which is exclusively reserved for the race bib number) shorts, socks, caps, backpacks, etc. However, the Organizer reserves the right to prohibit sponsorship considered to be oversized or in direct competition with the Organizer's partners or for any other reasons in the Organizer's sole discretion. If a participant is unsure whether their sponsor logo is acceptable, then they should contact the Organizer in advance. Other races may not be promoted on clothing or backpacks and competitors will be asked to remove or cover those up before the start.

We will accept original race branding on back-packs (but not packs modified with race patches). Original headgear (caps and Buffs) from other races will be accepted.

Participants will be provided with the Race Course Book at the venue in advance of the start. It is the responsibility of participants to take care of their Race Course Book, which will provide detailed information about the course. The Race Course Book provides details of distances between checkpoints, elevation gains and losses, terrain, views, risks, interesting facts, stage maps and elevation profiles. All competitors are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the information contained in the Race Course Book. Prior to the start of each stage, a briefing will be held for the purposes of providing participants with further advice on the next stage.

The Races will start each day at 8am. The only exceptions to this will be on the Long Stage (Stage 3) and the Final Stage (Stage 6).

On the Long Stage, the top runners (as decided by Race Management based on the results of the first two stages) will start at 10am. The faster runners who start at 10am will be notified the evening before the stage start. If you are not designated one of the faster runners, you will start at 8am as usual.

For the Final Stage, there will be several waves of departure. Race Management will decide on the competitors' starting times based on overall standings, with the slower competitors starting earlier. Participants must start at the time indicated by the Organizer, subject to penalties. You will be notified of your starting time for the Final Stage on the evening before the stage start.

The Long Stage will be approx 50-53 miles (80-85 km) and must be completed within a maximum time of 34 hours.
Headlamps and a flashing red light on backpack must be turned on at dusk.
Checkpoints (CP's) 6, 7 and 8 will have hot water for making meals. For a limited number of competitors, CP’s 6, 7 and 8 will also have some lightweight canopies for shelter.

G2G International Limited reserves the right to add, modify or change the course at any time.
While competing in the Event, you must stay on the marked course. If you inadvertently leave the marked course, you must re-enter the course at the exact place where you left the course. If you intentionally cut or leave the marked course, you will be disqualified or given a time penalty.
The course may be changed due to weather, safety hazards or darkness and we may in our absolute discretion adjust stage finish times to reflect any course changes.
Mandatory stops may be issued at any time due to weather conditions or other factors. You must stay at the checkpoint indicated as a mandatory stop for the full time indicated. Failure to do so will result in a time penalty.
Staggered starts may be issued for any stage. Staggered starts are used to ensure that checkpoints are not kept open for unreasonable amounts of time. You will be notified of staggered starts before the beginning of the relevant stage.
Course markings will generally be visible under normal lighting conditions. Abnormal conditions may include sand, dust, mist, fog, rain, snow or any other condition that reduces visibility (other than darkness). If abnormal lighting conditions occur, a stage may be modified, delayed or cancelled until normal visibility conditions return.
The course will be marked at intervals of between 50 and 100 meters depending on terrain and visibility. If you do not see a marker for 100 meters and you are not on the obvious or logical course, you must immediately return to the last known marker to find the correct course.
We will make every effort to keep the course markers in place for the duration of a stage of the Events. However, it is possible that markers may be taken, buried, blown over, covered or otherwise rendered difficult or impossible to find. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the markings and to make sensible decisions when following the course.
Where the course makes any abrupt change of direction, this will be well signposted.
The course will be marked by reflective markers, LED lights and/or glow sticks at night. You are required to carry a light that is sufficient to find unlit markers in the Events that lights and other illuminating devices are covered, fail or go missing.
If you remove or change the location or direction of course markings, you will be disqualified. If the offending participant is part of a team, the whole team will be disqualified.

We attempt to organize the most environmentally friendly Event in the world. In addition to strict rules relating to littering and care of the environment, the organizers have eliminated the use of plastic water bottles. Fresh water is provided at each checkpoint and campsite in containers from which each participant can fill up their own water bottles.
Water is provided by the Organizer with each participant receiving the following quantities:
1.5 liters in the morning before the start of each stage
1.5 liters at every checkpoint
4.5 liters at the end of each stage at camp (except at the Long Stage camp where you will receive 6.75 liters)
In addition, hot water will be available at the campsite in the morning and at the end of each stage for meals.

Each participant will receive additional supplies of water at each CP and at each campsite. See details above under Water.
All CPs must be reached in the sequence advised in your Race Course Book.
CPs will be located along the course at intervals of approx 10km. The exact distances between CPs are determined by terrain. The day before the start of the Event, you will be provided with a Course Book, which provides detailed information on each stage including the exact distances between CPs and the cut-off times for reaching each CP.
Competitors should not spend more than 15 minutes at each CP, unless it is one of the overnight CPs on the Long Stage (CP’s 6, 7 and 8), which are the only CPs where competitors are permitted to sleep other than at the campsites.
In addition to water, each CP will have hand sanitiser and garbage bags.  
A medical doctor will be stationed at each CP.

The timing and ranking results will be provided each day at the campsite for all participants to see (both stage and cumulative). Race HQ will keep the official time clock for the competition. The race clock is a stopwatch; it begins when the race starts and stops for each individual or team when they cross the finish line of each stage. The winning individual and team will be that individual and team who has the lowest combined times of the six stages after taking into account any penalties.
The Grand to Grand Ultra cut off times and stage distances are as follows:

13 hours on Stage 1 ((30.8 miles/49.6 km)
12 hours on Stage 2 (26.9 miles/43.3 km)
34 hours on Stage 3 (Long Stage, Days 3 and 4, 53.2 miles/85.4 km)
12 hours on Stage 4 (26.0 miles/41.9 km)
12 hours on Stage 5 (26.3 miles/42.2 km)
2-4 hours, depending on staggered start times on Stage 6 (7.9 miles/12.7 km)

There will also be cutoff times for checkpoints. If individuals or teams fail to reach and depart designated points by a certain time, they will not be allowed to continue in the race.  Additional cut-offs may be added during the race at the sole discretion of the Event Directors.
In the event that any participant fails to meet a cut off time at a checkpoint, then such a team or individual will be not be allowed to continue the race and will be removed from the course. The participant will then either be taken to Kanab, or to the next camp initially and at the first opportunity, to Kanab, as and when transportation logistics will allow.

If a participant drops out of the race, he/she must notify one of the course officials as soon as possible and BEFORE leaving the course. The participant will then either be taken to Kanab, or to the next camp initially and at the first opportunity, to Kanab, as and when transportation logistics will allow.

Under no circumstances may any participant leave the race without first informing the Organizer. If any participant fails to inform the Organizer before leaving the course and he/she is unaccounted for, the Organizer may take whatever action is necessary, including alerting Search and Rescue, in order to locate the missing participant. In such circumstances, the participant will be responsible for paying the search costs involved.

In the event of a serious medical condition which prevents the participant from continuing, the organizers will arrange to have you transported to the nearest medical facility and/or hospital.

The event is designed for you to experience nature and the remote, desert adventure to the fullest, whilst also making new friends with fellow competitors. It is not a spectator sport. Friends and family will not be allowed at camps, checkpoints or on the course and penalties may be applied.

The only exceptions are a designated area at the Angels Rest Pet Cemetery location after CP4 in Best Friends Animal Sanctuary during the Long Stage on Tuesday, between 2pm and 6pm, as well as at the Finish Line on the morning of the final stage.

Leave No Trace

The Event takes place in one of the world's most beautiful and preserved regions. It is the responsibility of all participants that they do not litter at any point whether on the course, checkpoints or campsites. Ample waste bins will be provided at checkpoints and campsites. Each participant will be required to mark his/her race number or full name on each water or food container and any other carried supply including clothing. The marking of such items is subject to being checked at registration. In the event that any such item (including food wrappers, bottles, bottle caps, etc) belonging to a participant is thrown away and litters the course, such first infringement will be subject to  a 1 hour time penalty. Two hour time penalty in the event of a second incident.  The participant will be disqualified from the Event in the event of a third incident.

Tread Lightly

The course has been designed in close cooperation with the permitting authorities. Accordingly, all participants must treat the environment with care. Please do not destroy any plant foliage or kill any wildlife. Such behavior will be subject to severe penalties and ultimately disqualification. Do not light any fires along the course. At all times, participants are required to maintain to the course route, which will be clearly marked. Wandering off course will result in severe penalties. In certain stages of particular environmental sensitivity, all participants will be required to strictly adhere to well-marked narrow routes.
All human waste will require to be buried at least 50 meters from the course.
Please at all times respect the environment and cultural sensitivities.

All excess/spare food which participants wish to discard shall be handed over to the Race Commissioner for disposal. This includes all food that has been repackaged or that is in original packaging.  Excess/spare food shall not be discarded along with other participants' waste.

All participants must adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanlike conduct. This includes respect for the Rules of the Event, other participants, staff, volunteers and Organizer. You must behave in a respectful manner towards locals. Safety during the Event is of the utmost importance and any negative behaviour by participants will not be tolerated and will be subject to penalties and ultimately disqualification. At all times, you must abide by the directions and decisions of the Organizer. It also expected that you come to the aid of distressed fellow participants.

At the end of each stage, a campsite will be provided. At each campsite, you will have access to the following facilities:-
Sleeping tent – at registration, you will be assigned a tent number, which will be your tent for the duration of the Event. Each tent will hold 10 participants. You cannot change tents. Therefore do not use any other tent. Failure to follow this, will subject you to penalties.
Toilets – portable toilets will be provided.
Water – both hot and cold water will be provided. Please see Water above for more information.
Medical tent – our medical staff will be available in the medical tent for treatment. NO ITEMS, INCLUDING BASINS, MAY BE REMOVED FROM THE MEDICAL TENT.
Participants will be able to receive emails free of charge via our website and printed copies will be delivered to their tents.
Chairs – these will be available however they cannot be removed from their designated area. Under no circumstances may chairs be taken INSIDE the tents.

After arrival, no competitor is permitted to stray more than 100 yards from each campsite without the permission of the Race Commissioner or Event Directors.

The Organizer will provide a well-equipped medical team to attend to participants' needs. Members of the medical team will be available at each checkpoint and campsite. There will be a dedicated medical tent at each campsite where the medical team is based and available for consultation and treatment. The Medical Director will record each visit to the medical tent. The Medical Director has full discretion to decide whether a participant may continue in the Event.

By participating in the Event, each participant consents to their image being filmed and photographed by the organization for use in any film, video, television program or online production on an exclusive basis. Furthermore, each participant consents to the use of their name, image, appearances, interviews, photographs, filming or such similar recordings for the purpose of publicity, advertising and promotion of the Event and any such exploitation of the commercial rights relating to the Event by G2G International Limited.
Additionally, the Organizer permits participants to take videos and photographs. However, such videos and photographs may only be published or posted online AFTER the conclusion of the race and are for personal use only and may not be used or sold for commercial purposes.

Participants are prohibited from using any electronic device capable of external transmission (including mobile phones) during the Event unless expressly approved below. In the event that a participant is found transmitting (voice or data) with an electronic device, then such participant will be penalized and subsequently disqualified.

Any permitted GPS device may not be used in a mode, which will enable third parties to locate that participant. Under no circumstances should location information be made public. Any breach of this rule will result in immediate disqualification from the Event.

No power/facilities will be provided by the Organizer for recharging electronic devices. Competitors may not charge any of their electronic devices in checkpoints or around camp using event equipment. Such unauthorized use will result in penalties. We recommend that participants use electronic devices powered by long life batteries, which can be replaced during the event or competitors should bring their own means for recharging their devices (solar).

Please note that these strict rules regarding electronic devices have been implemented in order to give competitors the deepest possible experience in nature and disconnection from the digital world. Please respect your fellow competitors’ experience.

Electronic Device Summary



Restrictions on Use

MP3 Player/iPod


Earphones only, no speakers.

Sport/GPS Watch


Course details cannot be saved for future use or for use by third parties.

Smart phones


Must be in airplane mode at all times.  

May only be used for photography, videos and music.

Voice/data transmission (text, etc.) and internet access  are all expressly prohibited.

May not be used to record course details.

Audio recorders





Any videos and photographs may only be published or posted online AFTER the conclusion of the race and are for personal use only and may not be used or sold for commercial purposes.

Video recorders 


Any videos and photographs may only be published or posted online AFTER the conclusion of the race and are for personal use only and may not be used or sold for commercial purposes.”

Satellite phones






GPS Trackers 


Prohibited (SPOT, ACR, ELT’s, etc.)

Other GPS Receivers 


Prohibited (Garmin, Delorme, Magellan, TomTom, etc.)

Other electronic devices capable of external transmission



The Race Commissioner (RC) provides a single/first point of contact for all competitor interactions relating to race issues and rules enforcement. The Race Commissioner is responsible for enforcing race rules and applying Penalties (see below). The Race Commisioner will conduct random mandatory gear inspections during the race on any racer and he will also conduct a mandatory check of the packs’ contents/weight of the top 10 runners after each stage finish.

In general, the following are the clear objectives for the Organizer:
To protect the safety of the participants and staff,
To foster a respect for, and commitment to protect the environment,
To provide an overall positive experience for each and every participant.
A comprehensive list of Rules and Regulations has been compiled in order to ensure that these objectives can be reached. Any breach of these rules is considered a serious matter, with penalties commensurate with the nature of the occurrence as noted in the list below. These range anywhere from immediate disqualification for egregious behavior, to time penalties for matters deemed to have lesser impact. We are required to adhere to rules laid down by the permitting authorities.

Penalties will be assessed on a daily basis.

Mandatory forms:
Medical Certificate duly signed by a physician
Failure to submit the Medical Certificate by email to the Medical Director and Race Director (prior to race start) Will not be allowed to start the race
Missing mandatory gear or equipment (including sufficient calories) 1. At pre race Administrative Medical and Gear Check. Participant will be given the chance to purchase missing item(s) and present to the Race Commissioner before the start of event.
2. During a spot-check on the Course.

1. Will not be allowed to start the race, if participant fails to show missing item(s) to the Race Commissioner before the start of event
2. The penalty applied will depend on which equipment is missing, however the Race Commissioner will apply a penalty of a minimum of one hour time penalty to a maximum penalty of disqualification.

Litter on the course, at CP’s and at camp sites
(Each participant will be required to mark his/her race number and/or full name on each water or food container and any other carried supply including clothing. The marking of such items is subject to being checked at registration. Items may be marked by an indelible marker or clearly marked label.)
Any litter (defined as discarded food wrappers or other items deemed by Event staff as litter) dropped by you on the Course, at CP’s and camp sites, either by identification or as witnessed by Event staff, volunteers or other participants, will result in a penalty. 1 hour for first offence; 2 hours for second offence  Disqualification for third offence
Litter in the participants' tents Any litter found in tents every morning before dismantling will result in a penalty for every participant assigned to that tent. 30 minutes for every participant in the tent
Taking stools or chairs inside a competitor's tent If any stools or chairs are found inside a competitor's tent 30 minutes for every participant in the tent
Removal of items from the medical tent Anyone found removing any item (basins, cots etc) from the medical tent  2 hours for first offence; Disqualification for second offence
Loss of personal items 1. Any personal items lost on the Course
2. Any personal items lost at CP's or at camp sites
1. 30 minutes for first offence; 2 hours for second offence; Disqualification for third offence
2. 15 minutes for first offence; 1 hour for second offence; Disqualification for third offence.
Note that offenders will have their penalties applied without notice and found items will be returned to the Lost & Found at Camp each day. It is each competitor's responsibility to check Lost & Found for any missing items.
Use of phones, video, iPhone, Blackberries or similar devices Penalty will be issued if you are found during the event, communicating with any communication device (except in cases of emergency)  1 hour for first offence, Disqualification for second offence
Use of GPS device Any participant seen recording the course or transmitting their location Disqualification
Unauthorised charging of devices A penalty will be issued for the unauthorised use of event equipment for charging personal electronic devices 1 hour for first offence, Disqualification for second offence
Not following the Course markings This includes taking short cuts and not following the markers in the correct order. This will be based on sightings by event staff, volunteers and other participants. 1 hour
Removing or changing locations of Course markers Any participant seen removing or changing locations of Course markers will be disqualified. Disqualification
Missing cutoff time at designated checkpoints or Stage finish line Failure to make a cutoff time at checkpoints or stage finish line will result in the Participant or Team being withdrawn from the race.  Individuals within teams who make the cutoff time, will be allowed to continue as individuals only.  Withdrawal from the race.  See above under Timing and Ranking Results for eligibility to continue future stages but without time calculation. 
Mandatory Stops Failure to comply with a mandatory stop will result in a time penalty. For example if a competitor leaves the checkpoint early from which a mandatory stop has been enforced. 1 hour 
Protesting in a disrespectful manner Rude behaviour and any public display of anger or disgust towards an event staff or volunteer will not be tolerated and will result in severe time penalty or disqualification 1 hour and possibly disqualification in extreme circumstances
Loss of Race Bib  Any participant who loses his/her Race Bib will be issued a replacement and a penalty will be incurred. 1 hour
Outside Support/Muling Purchasing food or accepting food from an outside source during the race will result in a penalty. Any participant who carries food or gear for another participant or who has another participant carry food or gear on their behalf. 4 hours for first offence; Disqualification for second offence
Accepting vehicular support If you take transport of any kind during the race, (i.e. event vehicle, car, ATV, horse), this will result in disqualification. Disqualification
Breach of Mission Statement If any participant acts in a way, which either directly or indirectly, results in a situation contrary to any of the Organizers' objectives as described in the Mission Statement, then the Organizer shall have the right to impose any penalty as is warranted. Will be decided by the Event Directors
Lights Failure to switch on headlamp or red flashing light after dusk 1 hour
Race Bibs Numbered Race Bib not visible, wrongly positioned or badly damaged 15 minutes for each offence
Abuse of water, hand sanitiser, or other facilities provided at Checkpoints, water drops or campsites Any participant seen using excessive quantities of water, hand sanitiser, or other limited facilities provided by the Organiser will not be tolerated. 2 hours for first offence; Disqualification for second offence
Not staying in camp No competitor is permitted to stray more than 100 yards from each campsite without the permission of the Race Commissioner or Event Directors 1 hour for each offence
Highway crossings - not complying with marshalls' instructions You must cross at the designated highway crossing points. Failure to do that or failure to comply with road marshal instructions to wait until traffic passes will result in a penalty. 1 hour for each offence
Unauthorised meeting of friends and family If any competitor is seen meeting any friends or family at any point on the course or any camp except at the Finish Line or designated area at Best Friends. 1 hour for each offence

NOTE: The Organizer retains the right to amend these penalties from time to time. Spot checks will be undertaken throughout the race to ensure compliance with the rules.

Any appeal relating to the imposition of any penalty needs to be made as soon as possible after crossing the finish line of the stage in which the penalty was applied. In any case, an appeal will not be considered if it is not submitted by 8pm on the night before the start of the following stage. The appeal needs to be made by the person who is subject to the penalty in a discreet and respectful manner. The appeal can only be made to the Race Commissioner. Each appeal should explain clearly the reasons for said appeal. The decision of the Race Commissioner for the appeal is final.

Smoking as well as vaping is not permitted while being transported by the event, at any event gathering, at any campsite or while on the course.


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