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Race Bibs and Patches placement

  • All competitors must wear the Race Bibs and Patches at all times during the race while competing
  • Penalties will be applied for lost, damaged or hidden (even partially hidden) bibs and patches
  • Race staff are instructed to report any infringements to the Race Commissioner
  • This guide is being provided to assist you with the correct bib and patch placement

Race Bibs

  • Each competitor will receive two (2) Race Bibs and 10 safety pins upon completion of Race Check-in
  • One Race Bib should be pinned to either your chest or front pack above the waist such that it can be clearly seenby Race Officials - it should NOT be pinned to shorts or skirts below the waist
  • The other Race Bib should be pinned to the back of the back pack.In all cases, both bibs must be clearly visible at all times and not be obstructed by packs, straps or clothing
  • The following photos show acceptable and not acceptable bib positions

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Race Patches

  • Four (4) Race Patches will be provided to participants upon arrival.
  • Participants will be required to wear at least short sleeves to enable them to wear the following sleeve patches on their race shirt each day: -
  • Right sleeve: Race Patch - Size is 2" H x 3.5" W (5cm x 9cm)
  • Left sleeve: Participant's country flag patch - (rectangular, size approx. 2" H x 3.5" W (5cm x 9cm))
  • Participants are responsible for obtaining their own country flag patch.
  • Participants may also attach any spare Race Patches to their outerwear, jacket or backpack.
  • Patches must be either sewn on or stuck with strong adhesive – safety pins will not be accepted
  • Participants are permitted to have country patches and race logos printed/silk screened on their clothing. A soft copy of the race logo will be provided, upon request.
  • No other race patch may be worn on clothing or equipment (packs). You will be asked to remove any such other race patch by stewards.


  • Other races may not be promoted on clothing or backpacks and competitors will be asked to remove or cover those up before the start. We will accept original race branding on back packs (but not packs modified with race patches)
  • Original headgear (caps and Buffs) from other races will be accepted
  • The only exception to covering up Race Bibs is when wearing rain gear, in which case the front Race Bib can be covered by a rain jacket and both Race Bibs can be covered by a poncho
  • Please note that the need to have race bibs clear and visible is for safety and photography reasons. All competitors need to be identifiable at all times by race officials and photographers need to see the race bibs for sorting purposes.

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